Stokes Auction Group
All but a few of the auctions that Kristine at The Auction Advantage has worked on since 2000 have had auctioneer services provided by Stokes Auction Group, Inc. of Edgewood, WA.
This is our preferred auction company because they provide great service. They are also like minded with us in making their services affordable to non-profit organizations. The staff at Stokes Auction Group has also graciously promoted our services to their clients looking for assistance in planning and preparing for their upcoming auction. Stokes Auction Group recommended The Auction Advantage to two of our current clients, Snohomish County Legal Services and Rotary Club of Emerald City. We likewise recommend Stokes Auction Group in consultations, to potential clients who were looking to start an auction, or anyone needing a recommendation of a good auctioneer company.
One factor in success from year to year for organizations is whether or not they have consistency in their hiring of auctioneers and/or companies providing auctioneer and support services.

Kristine and Amanda of The Auction Advantage have for many years also worked as Onsite Consultants for Stokes Auction Group. We consider it a privilege to partner with Stokes Auction Group in this way throughout the year to ensure Stokes’ clients have a knowledgeable onsite staff and a wonderful auction event.

A good auctioneer and teamwork are important.

Stokes Auction Group provides personalized service each year to hundreds of charitable organizations coordinating fundraising auctions. From casual events that include the whole family to black-tie auctions filled with celebrities and politicians, their auctioneers will tailor their style to help your organization to generate the most funds possible. With a wide variety of auctioneers to choose from, there is an auctioneer that meets the needs of non-profits of every size and cause. Use Stokes Auction Group’s expert auctioneers at your event to reach your financial goals, as they’ll help you create an environment conducive to giving.

The Stokes Auction Team.