Rates and Discounts

Hourly rates:

Auction Advisor, Auction Administration, Set-Up Organizer, Volunteer Consultant, and/or Registration and Banking Supervisor

$40.00/hour, 10 hour minimum

Procurement Assistance

Choose from:
   $40.00 /hour, with a 10 hour minimum or
   15 percent of auction sales from procured items

Registration & Banking Assistant

$35.00/hour, 6 hour minimum

Other Services Available

Event Consultant , Gift Basket Preparation, Post-Auction Follow-up, and/or Black & White Printing

Time is billed monthly in 15-minute increments. For any work not completed at our offices in Kent, travel time and mileage will be billed to the organization.

Special Discounts

   5 percent off hourly rate for 51+ hours billedor
   10 percent off hourly rate for 100+ hours billed


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