Northwest Software Auction-Tracker
Most of the auctions The Auction Advantage has worked on since 2004 have been Auction-Tracker managed events. With so many auction software options available, why do we recommend Auction-Tracker? Because it makes the most logical sense for users of Windows programs to understand. Everything is also laid out in terms and layering that make sense to those just learning the lingo of auction event fundraising, as well as experienced database users who want ease in finding their information. By using the software, you’ll maximize your time, and productivity will increase in planning your auction event.

Financially, it makes good sense too. Buy the Auction-Tracker software once, and you won’t have to pay yearly fees to continue to use it. They send you periodic updates of changes they’ve made to the software free of charge.
Support for Auction-Tracker is exceptional. As an Auction Consultant for multiple non-profit organizations each year, I give Northwest Software’s support team some challenging questions. They know how to explain to me, as a less software-savvy person, the processes Auction-Tracker goes through to run the components of an auction event.

Check out all the information on Auction-Tracker at Northwest Software.